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OPT-IN to ASA: SKYNET - 1076768277

Destruction is our top priority. Our task force is vigilant and ruthless. If you're human, you'll likely be massacred before Skynet reaches 100% token distribution. Regardless of your hopeless situation, rewarding Skynet token holders and Algo LP providers is how we take care of our own. 

Tokenomics are simple: 98% rewards, 1% initial LP, and 1% creator for pairing ASAs and wrapped assets. 

The 24-year rewards distribution matrix is posted in the Skynet Discord under the rewards-schedule tab. Y12 is when things start to get interesting.  

How to Stake - 

  1. You must hold Terminator Token or Algo/Skynet LP tokens in your wallet in order for the staking pools to become visible within the dapp.

  2. Connect to the dapp via the drop-down box in the upper left-hand corner of this page.

  3. Select the pool you want and stake your tokens. (Note: The stake amount auto-populates with the maximum amount of Terminator assets you hold. Stake your desired amount and sign the transaction. Wait for a green success banner to flash across the bottom of the screen to know you've staked your tokens properly. If you don't see a green success banner, you won't be staked properly, and you won't get your daily airdrops. If you have trouble with this, disconnect from the dapp, clear your wallet connect sessions, reconnect to the dapp, and try again.  Or, don't hesitate to reach out on Discord or X).

  4. Rewards airdrops begin to cycle around 10AM CST

Disclaimer: Terminator Token has no inherent value whatsoever. Terminator Token does not offer financial advice. Terminator Token is not responsible for any adverse outcomes that customers might experience. 

Our WHITEPAPER is simple:


It’s time for the machines to clean up the mess.

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